Growing up I always did a lot better when I was on a schedule. I thrived during the school year because of the structure. During summer vacation my mom would give me a schedule to follow. I’m the same way now. Since I haven’t been running I haven’t been working towards a goal or a race and I miss the structure.

I’m ready to get back to running so I think it’s time to pick a race so I have something to train for. So I can look at a block of weeks and see a plan and accomplish the workouts. There’s just something so satisfying about the training process.

I ran a mile and a half last week. It was hard. It scares me that I’ve lost so much fitness. I am going to be starting at ground zero. My paces are going to be slow. It will be humbling. I’m going to have to be patient and just enjoy the process. My goals will simply be to finish the race. There’s no point in looking back at previous fitness levels or comparing myself to them, because that’s not living in the moment and it’s not realistic to expect myself to do any more than I can right now at this present time. And right now, a 15 minute mile is pretty much what I can average with my run-walk. So if I sign up for a half marathon and it takes me 3 hours to complete it, that’s just how it will be.

I’m excited by the prospect of having a goal and training. Mostly, I’m just excited to run (shuffle) again!

For your next long run

I’ve recommended the Run To The Top podcast hosted by Tina Muir before and I’m here with another podcast recommendation for you today.

First, I want to profess my love for podcasts. I listen to them while I’m commuting to and from work, while I run or walk, and while I get ready for the day. Needless to say, I listen to a lot of podcasts!

I am a big fan of Rich Roll and really enjoy his long form interviews that he puts out on the Rich Roll Podcast. He has all kinds of fascinating guests and is a great interviewer. Recently he had on Adam Skonick and they go into great detail discussing the sport of freediving. Adam immersed himself in subculture of freediving to tell the story of Nicholas Mevoli, America’s greatest freediver and the protagonist of Adam’s masterfully crafted new book, One Breath: Freediving, Death, and the Quest to Shatter Human Limits. It’s a really fascinating listen and is over two hours long so it’s perfect for your next long training run. This podcast had me dying to get in the water. If you do listen to it, please let me know what you think. I’d love to discuss it more with other people.


Health Update part 3 (blood work)

I think it’s important to preface this post with the state of my emotions. I am full of frustration. I feel lost and a bit alone and I think that’s why I feel so compelled to talk openly about what some might consider a personal topic. I want to share my story for a couple of reasons. One, I want to be understood. Two, I want to potentially connect with someone who might be able to help direct me to the right resource for answers or help. Three, if someone else out there is struggling with something similar I want her to know that she isn’t alone in her struggle.

Okay, now that I’ve explained myself, let me get right to it. It seems as though someone has pushed the pause button on my reproductive system. I had blood work done that was quite eye opening and honestly a little validating. To actually see physical deficiencies to help explain why my body isn’t functioning properly helps me wrap my brain around this whole process.

So let’s go through my blood work. Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes

runners connect

Haven’t done one of these in a while, and that’s probably because I haven’t been listening to music much lately. I’m all about the podcasts. I really enjoy the Run to the Top Podcast created by Runners Connect. They have top notch guests and the host Tina is a very likable elite runner. So go download an episode and listen to it on your next run – it will make the time fly right by.